Liza’s Vineyard


Originally part of the family estate and farm, the vineyards were created from three 10-acre paddocks where, during the 1970s-80s, their father John, a successful racehorse owner, had once grazed his prized thoroughbreds. After John’s passing the fields lay fallow.

In 2019 the siblings decided to cultivate and plant the paddocks with Bacchus vines and establish the vineyard. With the first grape crop due for harvesting in late 2022, TruthStudio were invited to create a brand identity for the fledgling business.

Our creative approach

Brand is the story…

We built the brand identity around a cherished, emotive family keepsake of an embroidered cross-stitch of John’s racing colours and developed a unique, personalised monogram letter ‘L’ – for Liza – to express the family-oriented, spirit and honesty of the business – while visually recounting the vineyards’ ancestral narrative of how it came to be.


Design is the storytelling…

The UK wine industry has benefitted from a multitude of socio-economic factors – in particular a post Covid-era desire to buy local and support local businesses. In a relatively small but crowded market, it was crucial then that our approach had impact, immediate cut-through and was highly memorable.

We avoided the generic cliches common across the industry and chose to adopt and build on the visually succinct, uniquely-personalised and distinctive brand mark, aiming to adapt its application and expression across all brand touchpoints.

Fitzrovia Noir


Fitzrovia Noir collaborate closely with communities to co-create site-specific cultural interventions, immersive creative learning programmes and public engagement for events, producing bespoke publications and documentary films.

Their ambitious transformations of underrepresented areas and communities unearth forgotten histories while creating socially and environmentally sustainable futures. Consulting and advising national funding bodies and independent trusts on future strategies are key to local and national governmental policy to improve neighbourhoods and revive High Streets.

Our creative approach

TruthStudio approached the branding, identity and website as if the organisation itself were a built environment – just like the ones in which its projects and activities happen. We imagined Fitzrovia Noir as a nation state with its own cities and districts – a country with a government and a population of diverse communities.

The Fitzrovia Noir logo is inspired by heraldry – and emblematic of a national flag or ‘standard’ – where each device represents a geographic link, a location, its culture and activities – the building blocks forming a capital ‘F’. 

As part of the broader brand identity, we introduced a vibrant green accent colour across all brand touchpoints. This simple, consistent and powerful visual element distinguished and differentiated Fitzrovia Noirs’ lead involvement in projects where it is often accompanied by many statutory funding and other stakeholder brand endorsements.


The visual identity has enabled Fitzrovia Noir to instil a confidence and legitimacy to funding partners and stakeholders of their ambitions, passion and drive. Continued development support from UK strategic partners such as The Heritage Fund, Arts Council England and Local Authority Trusts are reassured their investment is in experienced and capable hands.

The new brand will help open doors to opportunities in Europe, as Fitzrovia Noir expand their reach with a continuing programme of revitalising empty buildings with new art and activities.  

Campbell’s Flowers


Campbell’s was founded by Tracey Campbell with the aim of making her business the ‘destination florist’ – for brides and their weddings, and event managers and their venues – whose expectations for their floral creations far surpassed what was on offer at your ‘average’, or indeed your ‘above-average’ high street flower retailer.

Tracey came from a marketing management background, so was laser focussed on her business’ potential and points of difference – exclusivity; expertise; personal; collaborative; trusted; creative. 

Our creative approach

It was crucial this unique story was explicit in our brand strategy. Moreover – without a literal ‘shopfront’ – the visual identity would have to be highly distinctive, memorable and engaging if it was to thrive online and grow its customer base.

We proposed a name and designed a brand mark that felt well-established – trustworthy – yet was playful, confident, and exuded quality. Next, we worked with specialist web-developers to establish a luxurious, image-led website whose user experience encouraged exploration, contemplation and desire. This relaxed indulgence resonated with potential customers – particularly brides-to-be – and the business began to grow. 


Our brand identity enabled Campbell’s to carve out a more differentiated positioning in a crowded market and helped them increase customer interest, engagement and sales. So much more than a wedding florist, they are now one of the most respected and sought after wedding design services in their region and beyond.

We continue to work extensively with Campbell’s – evolving and managing their brand and visual collateral as their business expands into a much more comprehensive service, offering venue styling, prop hire and wedding stationery in addition to wedding flowers.