Sonardyne International


Over the past several decades, Sonardyne have seen significant investment and overseas expansion, integration and diversification. With their HQ in the UK and operating from six regional centres around the world, it became necessary for their marketing and HR departments to rationalise their internal communications collateral for all their stakeholders across their group of companies – from international employees to their global supply chains. 

Our creative approach

TruthStudio were asked to develop Sonardyne’s internal employee value proposition in a series of printed and digital collateral aimed at both UK and International stakeholders. It should be sufficiently different to their existing sales and marketing communications material and flexible enough to enable the content to be translated into other languages.

We proposed the International language of iconography and pictograms as a way of simplifying the communication to make it succinct and accessible for the diverse range of stakeholder audiences. We created a bold, positive and inspirational colour palette to codify the front covers for easy identification.

Page layouts were kept intentionally uncluttered, and clear of distractions, with the pictograms and the facts presented as visual ‘soundbites’. This design clarity ensured the key points were memorable and meaningful. Where a specific Code of Conduct required clarification, we recommended the addition of ‘real world Q&A’ examples to support the overarching messages.  

The Visitor Guide were designed as part of the series – available in the lobby and reception area of all of Sonardyne’s UK premises. These differed from the A5 booklets and took the form of  credit-card’ sized brochures, which folded out to A4 size. Guests were encouraged to pop one in their pocket during their site visit to familiarise themselves with Sonardyne’s Health, Safety, Environment and Energy information. On the reverse a map indicated relative locations of HQ sites with fire assembly points, first-aid facilities and visitor parking.      


We devised a vibrant visual language that engages colleagues, suppliers and stakeholders through an encouraging, positive and calm tone-of-voice.