When it comes to working with design consultancies on your creative projects, size doesn’t always equate to success. TruthStudio is small, but perfectly formed. We’ll provide personalised attention and collaboration. We’re experienced, passionate and genuinely invested in your project’s success. Our agility and flexibility allow us to offer cost-effective solutions. Above all we are creative – our fresh and innovative approach ensures effective and unique results.

What we do

Personalised attention and collaboration

You don’t have to be big to manage a global brand. What’s important is the level of personalised attention and collaboration you receive. At TruthStudio we dedicate more time and resources to understanding your brand – your specific needs, aspirations and goals. This personalised approach allows for close collaboration, fosters a deeper understanding of your vision, resulting in design solutions which truly align with your objectives.

Innovative and unique

We have the expertise and experience to think outside the box to provide design solutions with a difference. We’re lean, so we have the freedom to experiment, take creative risks and explore unconventional design approaches. This fresh and unique perspective is what will set your brand apart from your competitors, and give your business, products and services a memorable impact on your audience and customers.

Passionate and committed

We are genuinely invested in your project’s success. With a shared sense of ownership, TruthStudio work collaboratively and go the extra mile to deliver exceptional results. We have a genuine love of our craft which means a high level of dedication and creativity poured into your project.

Working with you

Agility and flexibility

We thrive on our ability to be nimble and adaptable. Our capacity to respond quickly to changes, provide timely feedback and adjust our creative strategies based on your evolving requirements is one reason our client relationships are so long lasting – and we love being part of our clients’ businesses as they grow and succeed.

Cost-effective solutions

We’re a bargain – just look at our work, pedigree and experience. We can offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Compared to medium and larger agencies, we are able to provide competitive pricing structures for all budgets. Moreover, our ability to streamline processes and eliminate ‘big agency’ bureaucracy allows us to focus resources on delivering top-notch design, giving you excellent value for your investment.

Our experience

Michael Lindley, Founder and Creative Director of TruthStudio, had his pick of working with the leading creative design companies in London, following his winning the prestigious national Design and Art-Directors (D&AD) Student Award scheme, shortly before graduating from art college.

Now, over 37 years on, his thirst for creating effective, award-winning, design, branding and communications remains unquenched. From cultural, arts, publishing and charities, to international private and public sector businesses.