Fitzrovia Noir

Brand Creation

Fitzrovia Noir is a Community Interest Company that delivers and curates pioneering projects through its collaboration with educational institutes, museums, local authorities and charitable trusts. Its immersive regeneration schemes foster meaningful and inclusive public arts and cultural engagement across the UK and Europe.


Fitzrovia Noir collaborate closely with communities to co-create site-specific cultural interventions, immersive creative learning programmes and public engagement for events, producing bespoke publications and documentary films.

Their ambitious transformations of underrepresented areas and communities unearth forgotten histories while creating socially and environmentally sustainable futures. Consulting and advising national funding bodies and independent trusts on future strategies are key to local and national governmental policy to improve neighbourhoods and revive High Streets.

Our creative approach

TruthStudio approached the branding, identity and website as if the organisation itself were a built environment – just like the ones in which its projects and activities happen. We imagined Fitzrovia Noir as a nation state with its own cities and districts – a country with a government and a population of diverse communities.

The Fitzrovia Noir logo is inspired by heraldry – and emblematic of a national flag or ‘standard’ – where each device represents a geographic link, a location, its culture and activities – the building blocks forming a capital ‘F’. 

As part of the broader brand identity, we introduced a vibrant green accent colour across all brand touchpoints. This simple, consistent and powerful visual element distinguished and differentiated Fitzrovia Noirs’ lead involvement in projects where it is often accompanied by many statutory funding and other stakeholder brand endorsements.


The visual identity has enabled Fitzrovia Noir to instil a confidence and legitimacy to funding partners and stakeholders of their ambitions, passion and drive. Continued development support from UK strategic partners such as The Heritage Fund, Arts Council England and Local Authority Trusts are reassured their investment is in experienced and capable hands.

The new brand will help open doors to opportunities in Europe, as Fitzrovia Noir expand their reach with a continuing programme of revitalising empty buildings with new art and activities.  

Project Scope

  • Brand creation
  • Visual identity
  • Tone of voice and messaging
  • Guidelines
  • Website
  • Business stationery
  • Content creation
  • Event collateral


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